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Kitchen-remodel-permit-required, determining if you need a building permit for your home remodeling project can be difficult because permitting departments often frustrate homeowners' attempts to sort out rules. departments traditionally have prioritized commercial interests over those of homeowners doing their own work. often it is a bias borne from necessity: contractors, builders, and the trades represent an overwhelmingly .... No permit is required for simple projects that only replace (like-for-like) cabinets, countertops, flooring in the same configuration or (like-for-like) electrical, plumbing or ventilation fixtures. no permit is required for tearing down, replacing or repairing drywall, if limited to less than one 4 foot by 8 foot sheet., when any kitchen addition or remodeling involves the alteration, repair, move, demolition, or replacement of the countertop, cabinets, electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system (excluding the replacement of kitchen appliances and fixtures), the new and/or existing electrical system shall be brought to full compliance with the current electrical code pertaining to kitchen electrical requirements..

They state that a permit must be obtained whenever a structure is to be constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved or demolished [source: woodson]. wait just a minute, you might declare! that makes it sound like property owners need a permit to tighten a washer on a leaky faucet., building permit fees for kitchen and bathroom remodels are based on the valuation of the work to be to be performed. valuation includes both the materials and labor (labor costs must be included even for projects performed by the owner/builder)..

In 1994, a 46-year-old man lost his footing on a staircase while shopping at his local hardware store. the shop owner had constructed the staircase without obtaining the required permits, and the stairs did not conform to the city's building codes.in the resulting lawsuit, the injured man was awarded a settlement for his injuries.