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Kitchen-sink-clogged-past-trap, kitchen sink clogged past trap: how can i fix it? throw a handful of baking soda in your drain, leave it there for a couple of minutes and wash it down with boiling water. baking soda is great when it comes to cleaning your pipes because it also washes out the foul stench, but it's not as dangerous as chemical drain cleaners.. The two-part waste pipe is the horizontal pipe that connects two sink basins or the garbage disposer to the drain trap. two slip nuts are holding it in place; unscrew them and remove the pipe. examine it for clogs and remove any debris you find., day before yesterday our sink stopped up. we tried to plunger the drains but no amount of pressure can get the water level to drop. water just pushes from one side to the other..

When baking soda & vinegar, boiling water, the old coat hanger, and a plunger fail, my fail-safe drain opener is pequa brand. it's available at home depot and possibly your local hardware store., begin by sponging the water from the sink to reduce the flow under the sink when you pull off the trap. keep your pan or bucket underneath; dirty water will flow out. loosen the slip nut on the trap arm assembly and the continuous taste tee and wiggle the trap free..

If you've tried every option but your sink still won't drain, you may need to clean the p-trap. this is the part of your sink that keeps debris and sewer gases from rising up through the drain...., my first line of defense for unclogging a stopped-up drain is to check the "p-trap"—the elbow-shaped pipe under the sink. be sure to put a bucket under the pipe before removing it. unscrew the....

Before unclogging kitchen sinks with standing water, use a cup or basin to remove the water. some methods may require the addition of fresh water. always try plunging first. small clogs can often be dislodged with a cup plunger., if there’s a kitchen sink clogged past the trap, you can use a snake to clear the area past the p-trap. if you’re in a pinch and don’t have a snake, you could also try using a straightened wire coat hanger. here’s another tip: if you’re planning to use a plunger, be sure to cover the drain on the opposite side if you have a double basin..

Insert the snake into the drain pipe where you removed the trap (easier than from the drain in the bottom of the sink), and when you meet resistance, rotate the snake clockwise. if it begins to move forward easily again, you have likely just hit a turn in the pipe. if not, continue to turn and gently push forward to cut through and clear the clog.