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Kitchen-sink-disposal-installation, remove all parts of the disposer kit from the box, and organize the contents. remove the p-trap and existing drain basket assembly carefully from the sink (images 1 and 2). place a large pan below the sink to catch water that might spill when you disconnect the drain, and keep a towel close by to clean up spills. step 2. If there was an existing disposal attached to the sink already, it’s likely that the new unit will fit the existing bracket. if not—or if there is no disposal currently in place—start by removing..., many garbage disposals will require a new sink drain flange, which consists of the metal disk at the drain entrance at the bottom of the sink as well as a short length of pipe that extends below the sink, where the drain attaches..

Before you begin this project, read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow all local building codes. if you're not comfortable installing a kitchen sink or related components (faucets and garbage disposers), lowe's can do it for you. select the appropriate type of replacement sink., installing a garbage disposal is a relatively easy project for an experienced do-it-yourselfer. grab a few basic tools and follow our how-to..

Family handyman. assemble a support to remove the garbage disposal. garbage disposals can weigh 15 lbs. or more. that's a lot of weight to suddenly catch with one hand while you're turning the lower mounting bracket with the other hand.. before you learn how to remove a garbage disposal, unhook anything, assemble a support under the unit using a paint can and scraps of wood., in this video i'll walk you step-by-step through a garbage disposal installation. if you are having a hard time with the installation, leave a comment or use amazon home services to help find a ....

The average cost for a sink and faucet installer is $170. to hire a sink and faucet installer to complete your project, you are likely to spend between $130 and $180 total. the price of a sink and faucet installer can vary depending on your area., the cost of getting your toilets, garbage disposals, sinks or faucets installed depends on ease of installation and how many products our licensed and insured contractors have to replace.. Had most of the parts i needed for the double sink with disposal install. the t pipe was a little short, so a hardware store trip fixed that. i needed an additional 5 inch drop to mate with the drain pipe.