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Product overview this mini sink plunger is a handy, easy to use plunger for homeowners to clear clogs in sink drains. for use with stainless steel, plastic and ceramic sinks. stores easily under the sink., this is a short video on using a plunger to clear a plugged kitchen sink!. Proudly made in the united states, the beehive proudly made in the united states, the beehive max hideaway toilet plunger is designed to fit both old and new high efficiency toilets (het). toilet bowl drains have changed from round to oblong shaped outlets and standard plungers on the market cannot achieve a seal to effectively plunge., place the plunger directly over the sink drain, so the plunger completely covers the drain. add water to the sink, so the lip of the plunger is covered in water. then vigorously plunge the drain for a minute. lift the plunger and check for water flow..

A standard cup-style plunger is a type designed for clearing sink clogs. this plunger has a shallow dome with a flat bottom rim that seals to the sink basin around the drain hole. by contrast, a toilet plunger has a tall dome and a flange, or collar, that extends from the dome's bottom edge., common sink plunger the common sink plunger is the type of plunger that most people are familiar with. sink plungers have a rubber cup at the end of a straight handle. this plunger is good for sinks in bathrooms and kitchens—it can also be used in bathtubs..

The liquid-plumr hydro-pressure plunger includes one hydro-pressure plunger with a small plunger cup and a large plunger cup. this product is meant for sink and drain clogs. the easy-to-use pump design forces water through your pipes to clear clogs fast. this plunger can be used in your sinks, showers, and tub drains.