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3 cuzn uc-200 under counter water filter – best filter for urban homes. one of the most impressive features of this filtration system is its long-term value. cuzn promises that you won’t have to change the filter for 50,000 gallons or what amounts to five years., hi there, water softeners are used when you have hard water. the water leaves a heavy calcium residue around the facets, and drains. the softeners takes the hardness out thus sparing your facets and waterlines, along with your hot water heater and washing machines..

Reuben saltzman is a second-generation home inspector with a passion for his work. naturally, this blog is all about home inspections and home-related topics in the twin cities metro area., i have city water, and also a water softener because the water here is terribly hard. so i replaced my water heater myself not too long ago and in the process i noticed that my kitchen sink and ice machine both have their cold water supplies coming off the "hard" water pipe which is running the the outside hose bib..

In my home, i decided to plumb the kitchen sink and refrigerator to the softened water line. we were having issues with calcium build-up in pots, the faucet, and the fridge.