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Kitchen-sink-wont-drain-no-clog, if your kitchen sink won’t drain not clogged, several reasons might be the root cause of the problem inclusive of man-made and natural substances. so whenever you do suffer from kitchen sink drain malfunction, chances are it is because of one the following factors.. If you have a double sink, you need to stopper the other drain with a wet cloth or a drain stopper. then fill the sink you will be working on with enough water to cover the bottom of the plunger. you want a tight seal for the most pressure. if this works, you will hear the clog free., drain clogs can become serious problems if left untreated. so if your kitchen sink won’t drain, and you’ve tried a few of our tricks, don’t wait to call on us. we know how important your kitchen sink is, and how frustrating drain clogs can be..

Run water in the clogged sink to tell if you’ve removed the obstruction. if the sink still doesn’t drain, there’s a clog farther down and this kitchen drain cleaner won’t do the trick. move on to the next step. run a snake through the basket strainer, plumbing and piping - sink won't drain but pipes are not clogged? - i put in a new pop-up assembly in my bathroom sink. now the sink won't drain. i took everything a part, checked for a clog and.

Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) can be used to unclog your kitchen sink. pour 3/4 gallon of cold water into a bucket then add 3 cups of caustic soda and stir it well. it will begin to fizz and heat up. pour it into the clogged drain and leave it for 20-30 minutes, then flush the drain with boiling water., 8. plumber's snake. sometimes called an auger, this handy tool can clear clogs that may be stuck further down the system. you’ll have to disassemble the drainpipe and p-trap that runs underneath the kitchen sink to expose the “stub pipe” or “stubout” that travels behind the cabinet wall..

The vent has no relation to how well or fast water will drain. it's purpose is to break siphoning so the trap doesn't empty out and let sewer gas in the house. the sink is open to air regardless of..., donations appreciated - click in upper right corner "info" circle. how to fix a plugged kitchen sink that won't drain. if your sink is backed up, clogged, and won't drain, this video will show you ...