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Kitchen-towel-boa-instructions, the kitchen boa is a wearable dishtowel that replaces the dish towel over your shoulder. it is popular and surprisingly easy to make. quilting contessa shows you how.. Kitchen boa instructions: cut one piece for the center, 1 yd x 15 in. cut 1/2 yd piece in half vertically so you have two pieces each 18 in tall x 1/2 the width of the fabric, usually approximately 22 in. make a folded 1/2-in rolled hem on one short side of each towel piece., pink pineapple kitchen towel scarf. do you tend to throw a towel over your shoulder as you cook? then this neck towel is for you! triple duty as hand towel, oven mitt and dish dryer!.

Happy fall ya'll! it's time to start making those gifts for the holidays. in this quick and easy tutorial wendy will show you how to make a simple kitchen scarf/boa. you don't even need a pattern ..., the kitchenette. january 18, 2017 · what is a kitchen boa? it's a towel, a potholder, and a fashion statement! these versatile and oh-so-cute towels that you wear around your neck like a boa have so many uses in the kitchen! stop by and pick one up for yourself (they're only $20!) and you will soon wonder how you lived all this time without one!.

I love to sew cute things for my kitchen. out with the old aprons, potholders, and dishtowels and in with pretty new ones! here are my 10 favorite (and free!) patterns and tutorials to freshen up your kitchen., how to make a kitchen towel angel. here's a unique way to present a housewarming gift of a set of kitchen towels. poems about angels are optional... gather the supplies needed. these are listed under "things you'll need" below. launder the.... Every kitchen needs dish towels and with your sewing skills and this collection of patterns to make dish towels, you can make them yourself. why not make dish towels that are super cute and crafty? add a pop of color to your kitchen and make a useful kitchen accessory at the same time.<br /> <br /> if you've got little ones running around, dish towels can often fall on the kitchen ..., the kitchen towel scarf is completely washable. if you’re working with pre-cuts and interfacing as we did, pre-washing is not critical, but if you go with a solid panel of fabric and/or forgo the interfacing, consider pre-washing the fabric as well as the towel.