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Kitchen-window-plants, edibles and flowers that you can grow in the kitchen herbs such as rosemary, lavender, basil, parsley, lemon balm, lemongrass, mint, oregano, cilantro, and thyme are easy to grow. you can also plant scented geraniums, african violet, begonia, and impatiens to enjoy the beautiful flowers.. Q: i’d love to grow something green in the kitchen this year. other than herbs, can your readers suggest some small plants which i can keep on the windowsill? i don’t like cactuses! sent by joseph editor: readers, other than herbs and cacti, what are your favorite plants to grow on a kitchen windowsill?, a lush, green plant that’s perfect for hanging over your sink or by a window, english ivy is easy to grow indoors (as long as it gets time in direct sunlight) and adds a beautiful splash of color to any kitchen..

Windowsills are the traditional spot for plants in the kitchen. an indoor window-box which fits the sill makes an excellent container for plants which could otherwise get knocked over. use it to grow a variety of herbs or create a fern garden in a north-facing window, a desert cactus garden on a sunny south-facing sill., adding a pop of green to any space in your home is always a welcome sight. but often, the kitchen is overlooked as a place to grow plants. houseplants can add a fresh and lively feel that you didn't realize was missing from your kitchen. many also have air-purifying traits and produce pleasant fragrances..

Niuxx acrylic window planter boxes, creative flower pot holder plant tray shelf with suction cup, great outdoor indoor decorative gift for home (small size with 1 compartment), over the years we have grown a lot of plants indoors at a window: microgreens, herbs, aloe vera, strawberries, lettuce, winter greens like kale, root vegetables like carrots, winter vegetables like broccoli, summer vegetables like tomatoes and even watermelons. we also grow mayer lemons and give our fig tree an early start at the same windows..

Windows line almost the full length of two walls, bringing light deep into this large kitchen -- even extending behind the commercial-style stove. the effect is a grand design statement in a large and elegant kitchen. get free estimates for windows & doors from local contractors. 5 of 18, garden windows create more space in a room, but above all, a garden window allows you to create your own greenhouse or area to feature your favorite decor. if you want to host a mini greenhouse, request a low e glass to protect your plants and control temperature. like all simonton windows, our garden windows are flexible and can fit into any ....

The sago palm is a slow-growing cycad that fits into modern decorating schemes well. it produces no flowers and rarely sheds its leaves, making it a tidy choice for the bright bedroom or living room.