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Kitchenaid-fridge-ice-maker-not-working, if the ice maker is on, but disconnected to water supply line, the following could happen: the ice maker will continue to try to make ice, causing a buzzing sound. a refrigerator section may to be too cold. food in crisper drawers may freeze. whirlpool ice maker isn't working won't turn on or off - youtube.. Freezer temperature is above 10 degrees f (-12c) if the freezer temperature is above 10 degrees fahrenheit (-12c), the ice maker will not produce ice cubes efficiently. the freezer temperature should be set between 0 and 5 degrees fahrenheit (-18 to -15c) for the ice maker to work properly. if the freezer temperature is too high, ensure that the condenser coils are clear of debris and the condenser fan is working properly., trying to find the cause for the failure of your ice maker can be easy or baffling. this is a guide about kitchenaid refrigerator ice maker not working..

Unjam the ice maker chute: check that the ice cubes are not jammed in the chute. check for clumping near the ice ejector arm or auger. discard any ice in the area that is jamming up the chute. test the ice maker dispenser about one hour after removing all the jammed ice cubes., kitchenaid side-by-side refrigerator icemaker is not working - answered by a verified appliance technician.

New replacement icemaker→ http://amzn.to/2x2m1rk if you have these symptoms then your ice maker may have the same problem as this one. •tines/fingers down •i..., if you’ve got a kitchenaid (or whirlpool, or kenmore) fridge with an ice maker that’s not making ice, don’t call the repairman. this is a very easy (and relatively inexpensive) fix that you can totally do yourself. these same instructions will work for any similar whirlpool, maytag, kenmore, amana, or jennair refrigerator, since they’re all made by the same company and (for the most post) all use the exact same replacement parts..

Hi friends,if you a wondering why the light in your kitchenaid 5 door refrigerator goes out. it has something to do with the meat,beverage, cheese drawer display plug.i have spent two hour trouble shooting this problem all lights out and water and ice inoperable., most common kitchenaid refrigerator problems are not as serious as they sound, and once you understand them you'll see how much time you can save doing the repair yourself. you'll also save money by buying the parts from repair clinic. maybe your kitchenaid is having temperature control issues or freezer problems, such as an ice maker that won't dispense ice..

If you find ice inside the ice mold, it means your ice maker is receiving water and the problem likely isn't with the water supply. instead, it's most likely a mechanical or electrical problem.