Klotz-snowmobile-oil-test, klotz synthetic lubricants manufacturing & dist. 7424 freedom way, fort wayne, indiana 46818, united states. order: (800) 242-0489 tech support: (260) 490-0489 fax: (260) 490-0490. Snowmobile techniplate, 128 ounce gallon $39.99; klotz (bc-172 racing castor oil $15.99; klotz benol 2 cycle oil (gal)-by-klotz-bc-171 $53.28; atv/utv synthetic engine lubricant with integrated transmission, 32 ounce quart $14.00, mastering the science of synthetic lubrication. all about us; contact us; klotz diet; shipping & payment; return policy; terms of use. This is a comparison of anti-wear properties of popular 2 stroke snowmobile oils. this is an american society for testing materials test that is a lubricant industry standard. this particular test incorporates 500 lbs of pressure on a steel pin and vee block for duration of 3.5 hours. there is a 5-minute break-in period with a 300 pound load., klotz oil, choosing the best 2 stroke and 4 stroke lubricants and additives - duration: 40:18. sebastian bluecrew 2,683 views.

Philosophy: the philosophy of klotz is clear: we will settle for nothing short of perfection. to do this, our engineers apply the newest materials and components... Найден по ссылке: klotz oil. klotz racing technology converts hi-test pump gasoline into high octane racing gasoline. foam air filter applications.. link to klotz oil website.. klotz has 50 years of real-world ..., the big kid powersports team sits down and discusses 2 stroke oil. if you are asking, "what 2 stroke oil is the best to use?", or "what oil does my snowmobile take?", you have to check this video out..

Dear ralph: my dealer is laying that “use only my oil†routine on me pretty thick. i know you guys test all kinds of oils on a daily basis, so my question is this; what kind of oil do you prefer to use in your sleds? peter amundson lakeville, mn..., i'm the type of guy that will putt around town using $20 a quart racing oil. i'm a big fan of klotz, motul and castor oil. i would never use a 'cheap oil', until now... after a bit of research, i decided to switch to mystic jt4 full synthetic snowmobile engine oil / mystic jt4….

Get shipping credits on full case orders! klotz lube was established over 50 years ago and is known for products that deliver performance.