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Klymit-static-v-sleeping-pad-review, we tested and reviewed the klymit insulated static v. klymit makes a number of different versions of this sleeping pad — all them have the v-shaped baffles, a twist and pull valve, and are wider than normal pads. if you want an uninsulated pad, the static v or static v2 are good options.. Klymit insulated static v sleeping pad it’s warm enough for mid-winter, light enough for extended treks, and packs up small., the klymit insulated static v lite is a good pad at a good price. it is warm and lightweight but isn't as durable as we'd like it to be. the deep baffles feel stable and give a lot of back support but aren't as comfortable as smoother faced sleeping pads..

At 23 inches in width the static v gives a bit more width than most of the other regular or small sized sleeping pads out there. for those that like/need a “wide” sleeping pad, because of the way that the sides are designed on the static v, it feels as-wide-as, perhaps even a little wider than the xlite., klymit static v sleeping pad by david f., from ar, united states written on april 11, 2016 this is the lightest most compact pad i've ever owned, inflates quick and easy and a super comfortable 2.5" thick.

The klymit static v sleeping pad provides a good balance of quality and price. thanks to the lifetime warranty and full support, you can remain carefree during longer and demanding camping trips. its high r-value will allow you to venture into colder areas and have enough comfort and warmth to move on afterward., the klymit static v is a lightweight camping pad using body mapping technology at an entry level price. it features the v-chamber design which limits air movement and heat loss while offering a uniquely ergonomic body map which is optimzed for performance and comfort..

Insulation: klymit isn’t the first to add insulation in an air mattress, but they are the first to laminate the insulation to both sides of the pad. going back to physics 101, air is a great ..., klymit insulated static v sleeping pad with x pillow weight: 25 oz r-value 4.4 anti-microbial laminate open dimensions: 72" x 23" x 2.5" packed: 5" x 8"