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Knee-pain-when-walking-up-and-down-stairs, causes of knee pain going down stairs in most cases knee pain going down stairs usually indicates a problem with the knee cap (patella) and how it moves. the kneecap is a small bone, shaped like an upside down triangle which sits in the patella groove at the front of the knee and glides up and down as the knee moves.. The complex network of bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles in the knee joint are vulnerable. knee pain can result from many problems, from sports injuries to arthritis to gout. and when knee..., this is why the knees often hurt when a person is going up or down the stairs. this deeper movement means that the kneecap is forced to slide up and down over the femur more than usual..

Knee pain when going up stairs knee pain is a frequent source pain and frustration. walking on flat ground or standing is generally pain-free, but the moment steps are attempted the pain flares and activities are hampered, while knee pain can occur with each step or happen suddenly and without warning while climbing steps., damaged cartilage may not cause pain when you walk. but as running, deep knee bends, squats or climbing stairs subjects the knee to additional stress, the pain increases. these types of motions force the kneecap to slide up and down. worn cartilage cannot keep the kneecap in the groove when the knee is under pressure..

Tendon damage front knee pain while climbing stairs can be caused by irritation of your patellar tendon. overuse of your quad muscles in the front of your thigh can cause inflammation of this tendon. these muscles straighten your knee, and keep it from bending too quickly during high-impact activities such as jumping., it is almost always damage to the knee cap or the cartilage on the back of it that causes knee pain when you go down stairs but not up. the most common cause is a condition called runner’s knee.  this is caused by prolonged periods of repeated, stressful, activities – such as running, jumping or even standing and twisting on your knees..

Knee weakness climbing stairs or walking the knee is an incredibly complex joint that goes through a tremendous range of motion. it has many muscles that cross the knee joint to help control its movement while walking, running, squatting, or going up and down stairs. all of this movement occurs while supporting our body weight., one activity that often aggravates the knee is climbing stairs or steps.   the main reason this occurs is because people are unable to properly load their hip, and therefore, place most of the stress on the knee.   when you are young or have never had knee pain then this is usually not a problem.