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Zero-waste-face-scrub, made with repurposed coffee grounds, this face scrub will help buff away dry, dead cells, leaving your face feeling soft, smooth and glowy. blended with nourishing shea butter and moisturizing oils, it is vegan, cruelty free, natural, and sustainable. available in two scents, the citrus blend is formulated for dry, dehydrated skin with rosehip, sweet orange and lemon verbena essential oils.. Don’t exfoliate every day. i exfoliate twice a week. and, after exfoliating i balance my ph with a rose water or aloe toner. then i just add a touch of moisture with a homemade face cream that is to die for!. but first, let’s talk about the scrub., transitioning from traditional face scrubs is easy with this zero waste diy face scrub. no chemicals, no plastic beads, no waste. beauty that is chemical free..

All of the ingredients included in the beauty recipes below can be found in either sustainable packaging (glass, usually) or in bulk. while some of these ingredients may be on the pricier side (we’re looking at you, agar agar), it’s totally worth splurging for a bulk-sized container that will help create hundreds — if not more — face masks, scrubs, serums, and more., to apply this face scrub, you simply pour out a small size of the powder and gently add water to make it into as thick, or thin, a paste as you want. then using circular motions, brush it over your skin before rinsing. i am fortunate to have very good skin and so i never really feel the need to do a lot to my face..

If skincare and beauty is the first step in your zero waste journey, best of luck to you. i know i found it to be a manageable first step and it helped me seek out creative solutions., a really amazing, inexpensive, natural and zero waste 3 ingredient body scrub! i love a good old diy recipe and this is one of my all time faves, always leaves my skin super silky soft.

About meow meow tweet skin care. we’ll kick things off with meow meow tweet’s zero waste face soap.a good place to start a zero waste skincare routine by cleansing and detoxing your skin from those unhealthy off the shelf products.. you can choose between pink rose clay and tea tree & charcoal facial soap bars., thinking about switching to a zero waste skincare routine intimidated me for a long, long time. i have very sensitive skin, so i’ve become pretty wary of trying new products and recipes..

High end beauty line orveda’s clay mud cleansing powder harnesses all natural ingredients like bio-fermented kombucha black tea and moringa, which turn up in this gentle exfoliator that resets and restores your skin. it comes in a beautiful glass bottle and there’s no mineral oils or animal extracts so orveda’s a vegan friendly, eco-luxe secret weapon for serious beauty addicts.